Ways to Increase Your YouTube video Engagement

One on the important aspects of YouTubing that every Youtuber does not get enough of is user engagement. User engagement encompasses all the interaction the viewer had with your content, a video that is views, likes, dislikes, and subscriptions. A video that has most viewers only watching a few seconds like 5 seconds then exiting the video is considered to have very poor engagement and as a consequence it will rank poorly and YouTube will not recommend it to other viewers. The opposite is also true; a video which most viewers watches it in full plus also comments, likes it or subscribes to the channel after watching it is going to rank higher and be recommended to other viewers as its user engagement suggests that it adds value to the view. Thus we should always strive to achieve the highest user engagement possible, in the article we are going to discuss some of the ways to achieve high user engagement.

Create videos that people want to see

This might sound very obvious but it is not. Just because a certain topic interests you it doesn’t necessary mean that it also interests other people. This is especially true when you are starting out and you do not have followers.
It is important you choose a niche that has an audience so that when you are making content you are sure that there are viewers actively searching for such content. Some of the popular niches include: food, gaming, fashion, tech, product review, etc.

Research on Your video topic and benchmark with your competitor

Once you have a niche, visit the top 5 channels in the niche and see what you can learn from their top 10 videos. Pay special attention to the style of their titles, thumbnail etc. I’m sure from this you will have an idea of what is required of you I have to emphasis that you do not have to copy their ideas rather you you should come up with your idea to make better content and preferably make a slightly longer video than your competitor. Longer video tend to have better user engagement, however you should also not make your video very long. Make sure you research the topic well before making the video, ensuring the details of everything promised in the video title and thumbnail is fully covered. Where can I buy a channel with at least 100 followers. Your views should not feel cheated after watching your video, or left with more questions that answers.

Make a great video Intro

Research has shown that the fist few seconds are very important to determining whether the view will continue watching or not. Most videos are dropped in the first few seconds, thus we need to make the most from the video intro. Tell the uses what the video is all about and how he/she will benefit from watching the video. It is also important to ask the viewer to engage with the video in the intro as this is the section of the video that has the most views.

Give viewers a reason to engage with Your video

Do not just ask viewers to engage your video, give them a reason to engage with your video. You will get more engagement if you give the viewers a reason to engage with your video. E.g. “If you like this type of content let me know in the comment section and I’ll make a part 2 of this video” or “Kindly subscribe to the channel and turn the notification bell on so that you wont miss the part 2 of this video.” or “Do not fail to watch the video to the end as I have saved my favourite/most important point/step for the last.” or “Let me know in the comment section below what you would have done if….” etc. The goal here is to start the conversation that you you’d like to continue in the comment section.

Reply to all the comments

As you are starting out on your YouTube journey, you normally do not receive a lot of comments on your video. However it is very important to reply to each on of them for the following reason:
It makes your viewer who commented feel valued.
It keeps the conversation going as the person who commented is likely also reply back to you.
It brings the viewer back to the video through the comment notification.
It helps to create a community around your brand.
It helps to create a royal group of viewers. Can I get 10K subscribers on YouTube?