How to Make your YouTube video go viral

We all want our video to go viral viral but very few of us are able to achieve it. Today Im going to show you some of the tricks that you can use to make your video go viral.

Video Topic

It is important that you choose a video topic that people would like to watch, a topic that people are already looking for. one of the best ways to get such topic ideas is to to go for trending topics, look around for trending topics in YouTube and other social media sites and make a video around those topics. Another way you can do to get a really nice topic idea is to browse the videos in your niche that has a lot of views.
How Long It Takes to Get 5k followers? If videos in a certain topic are getting a lot of views then if you make a video in that topic, your video is certainly likely to also get a lot of views. This is especially true if you manage to get your video to appear as the recommended video next to those videos. (More on that latter)
Trending Topics

Video Thumbnail

It is important to choose wisely a nice video thumbnail that will make people want to watch your video. You might have the most interesting video in this world but if no one clicks watches it will never have the chance to go viral.
You ca choose a thumbnail that represent the trending topic, something that represent all the video is about. Something that the viewer quickly recognizes about the trending topic and clicks it to get more information.
You can also choose a thumbnail that is amusing, something that is extraordinary and will draw the attention of viewers. It is also important to choose a color that will make your video stand out.
Another type of thumbnail that real grabs the attention of the viewers is using sexy thumbnail. Sexy thumbnails real atracts click and can help you make your video go viral. Its important to remember to deliver what you promise your viewers in the thumbnail otherwise viewers will quickly click away from your video and that will greatly affect your video.

YouTube Video SEO

You should always do your research well before making a video. do your keyword research well and target keywords that have volumes, keywords that people are searching for. Include the keywords you want to rank for in the title, in the description, in the tags and also do not forget to mention the keywords in the video. YouTube algorithms understands understands most of what you are saying in the video thus they can tell what your video is all about.
If your making a video based from another popular video, then go ahead and use a similar title title and description, look in the html code to see the tags used in the video and use the same tags. This increases the chances that your video will be shown as a recommended video to those popular videos.
It is also advisable to make your video higher quality and longer than your competitors as long videos generally ranks better.
Do not forget to encourage users to like, comment and share your video as these are some of the things that ca give your video a boost.
Its important to note that the first 1000s of views your video gets in the first 48 hours can make or break your video. Your video needs some royal views that will show to YouTube algorithm that your video has high content, viewers that will give your video high watch time, interact with your video through likes and comments and also not exit the platform immediately after watching your video. We have a special package offering exactly this in beta testing so stay tuned for that.